Indie/Rock/Alternative Compilation – Summer 2016 (1-Hour Playlist)

Listen to an hour of the best indie-rock music, perfect for a summer road trip. Tracklist and download below…
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0:00 Castlecomer — ‘The Noise’

3:40 Only Sun — ‘Overcome’

6:02 Love in October — ‘Teenage Evolution’

8:46 The Genius Buddha Band — ‘I Don’t Mind’

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12:03 WANDERER — ‘Driving’

15:44 Slowlights — ‘A Light’
Download: N/A
19:44 Hoyle — ‘True’

23:01 Sam Tomlins — ‘Kick Me Softly’

Download: N/A
25:36 Francis Moon — ‘Anchor’

29:41 Year of Suns — ‘The Undertow’
33:35 Dum-Chang — ‘Atticus Finch’

37:40 Small Culture — ‘Too Late (ft Catharine Maloney, Nick Krill and Cameron Wilson)’

40:50 NOVELLAS — ‘Foolish’

43:55 Dantevilles — ‘Sea Of Change’

47:01 Nicholas Roberts — ‘The Rest of Our Lives’

50:04 Aux House — ‘Antique Radio’
52:59 Son & Thief — ‘You Don’t Want That’

56:22 Indigo Velvet — ‘Easy Love’

59:06 No Mountains — ‘Trees of Memories’

1:03:12 LITTLE COYOTE — ‘Neverending’

1:06:56 Francis Moon — ‘Summer Skin’



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Retro Stefson | Qween | A Take Away Show

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La Blogotheque presents: Retro Stefson | Qween | A Take Away Show

“C’est à double tranchant : « on va vous jouer un nouveau morceau. Même pas enregistré ». Mais l’assurance d’Uni ne se discute pas. Après tout, Retro Stefson passe dans le ciel à la vitesse d’une comète…”

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Directed by David Ctiborsky and François Clos
Produced by La Blogotheque
In association with Iceland Airwaves Festival

Iceland Airwaves

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Retrospective Audio Mixtape [80s Retro Electro / ChillWave / Synth Pop / SynthWave]


00:00 Moonrunner83 – Troubled Eyes
03:25 NINA – Beyond Memory
06:53 GlitterWølf – Alana
11:20 Nina – Counting Stars (Douglas Holmquist Remix)
16:09 Brothertiger – Beyond the Infinite
21:04 HUMAN – Vertigo
24:30 The Midnight – Shadows
29:39 Moonrunner83 – A Kiss In The Night
33:01 Moonrunner83 – Chasing Gemma
36:28 Moonrunner83 – By Your Side
40:20 AWITW – I Miss U
45:37 Droid Bishop – When Androids Dream
49:52 Castroe – Welcome Home
54:20 Waterfront dining – The song

Synthwave / 80s Retro Electro / Synthpop/Chillwave/Vaporwave/Darkwave

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➤ We bring to your attention music in the style of Synth and 80s style retro electro which is a relatively new musical direction, each track of which is a tribute to the pop culture of the 80s and the consciousness of that time.

The motives of the retro wave can be different and completely opposite, but they are united by one thing – the specific sound of synthesizers, which can not be confused with anything.

Combining elements of modern electronics with the characteristic sound of soundtracks of that period our brain catching familiar sounds and is able to recreate in our heads vague memories and return us at a certain time.

The power of electronic music its drive, you can even say – power. You want to dance, you want to go through it in time, into the shining neon lamps of Miami, put on a shirt with short sleeves decorated with palm trees, classic blue jeans with white sneakers and go roam quays or crowded avenues.

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➤ Genres: Synthwave / Synthpop, 80s Retro Electro / Electropop, Futuresynth / Spacesynth / Horrorsynth, Darkwave, Chillwave, Dreamwave, Vaporwave, Outrun.


Best of Moody Sanchez | Soulful Hip-Hop Instrumental

This is my personal best of Moody Sanchez. I hope you enjoy it.
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Special thanks to Sex, pizza & zombie music for the support.

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🎴 Painting by Aaron Griffin:

00:00 Moody Sanchez – After Laughter (boombap delight)
04:24 Moody Sanchez – Hopeless Riddim
10:41 Moody Sanchez – About a Girl
14:41 Moody Sanchez – Quaintrelle
18:30 Moody Sanchez – The Way You Love
22:00 Moody Sanchez – The Gangster Of Love
26:20 Moody Sanchez – Africa United
29:18 Moody Sanchez – Can’t Loose You
32:42 Moody Sanchez – Without you
35:51 Moody Sanchez – I will Never be The Same


Deutschrap | Hip-Hop | Instrumentals | Jazz-Hop
S!X – Germany:

Trip-Hop | Downtempo | Lo-Fi | Hip-Hop | Electro | NuJazz
S!X – Music:




Phoenix #2772 – All Night 00:45
VHS Logos – Dial 89,3 02:35
VHS Logos – Vegas 03:36
VHS Logos – Dreams 04:30
ECO VIRTUAL – Nimbostrasus 06:03
マクロスMACROSS 82-99 – 無限周波数 08:54
Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti – Reminiscenes 11:08
VHS Logos – Chimercal 13:34
ECO VIRTUAL – Acid Rain 15:20
VHS Logos – Freq 17:12
Local News – Coverage You Can Count On 19:00
Miami Vice – yesterday’s forecast 21:40
Phoenix #2772 – Midnight Luck 23:23
SAINT PEPSI – vanilla pepsi 24:51
MIDNIGHT TELEVISION – Commercial Dreams (& Spliff Jingle) 28:23


Keep Your Feet on the Ground (Spliff Jingle) 30:01
computer slime – alone 30:35
WΔll Flowers – Freeway 31:49
Local News – Tonight’s Special Guest 34:36
Vangelis – Leon’s Room 36:31
Lindsheaven Virtual Plaza – Landscape Design 39:33
SURFING – End of the Night 41:49
t e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者 – s e x i n b o r n e o 44:31
VHS Logos – Verano 54:41

The short excerpts you here on this mix are from 1980’s television commercials and songs by some of the artists on this playlist. If you’re curious about any of them, just ask! 🙂


Dance Gavin Dance – Rock Solid


The first thing I say in the morning is, “Fuck that shit.”
People are offended and tired, so fuck that shit
I walk myself to my church service and ask for this:
Balance my brain chemicals, so I can give a shit

Stay back, and don’t make advances
I’ll keep my side of the trade
(Here is a blatant remark)
And I thought forbidden contacts were in order
(Contacts were in order)
(I’ll never get arrested)
This is all for the opposition, for the opposition

Make it right
Put your soul on ice
Give a chance to make this better
Make it right
Put your soul on ice
Let’s wait to pull that lever
Make this right
Put your soul on ice
I need to make this better
Make this right
Put your soul on ice
But I still make this wrong

I get hyphy on such a decadent mixture
Man, we’re back again
But I’m only here for just one more show
Feel the back of my hand
Feeling alone on such a decadent mixture
Wanna hit ya, get your picture and just take you home
Record banter
We make post parole

And then, and then I took the keys right out of the ignition
And I, and I ran, broke out, down, running down the street
Looking for the where the hell, where the hell can I hide?
People, people try to ask me questions, man
I don’t know the fucking answers
I, I just got this rock
I just got this rock
Rock solid!

Raise your hand if the system has missed you, man
Your money ain’t going as far as it used to
Raise your hand if the system has missed you, man
Raise your hand
Raise your fucking hand

“Oh, hey Jon.”
“Oh, yeah.”
“How’s it going, man?”
“Oh, I’m alright, whate- whatever.”
“Did you-did you hear about that party?”
“No, no, no, where’s that?”
“Dude. I-I… is it 26 and P or-or what?”
“Dude, it’s-it’s L.”
“Dude, I’ve been driving around for like, fuckin’ half an hour.”
“I thought you were picking me up right now.”
“Well, I was going to, but I had to stop at the store
and get some fucking shit.”
“You had to stop at the store?”
“Well, what are we going to fucking drink?”
“Do you-do you still have the money that I gave you earlier?”
“Well, not really, because I fuckin’ had to buy beer!”
“That’s fucked up, man. Every time, I pick you up, and I…”
“Didn’t you…”
“Spend my money on you.”
“You know what? Whatever, all right. What the…
Whatever. I don’t give a shit.” (Ooh)
“Yeah, well, I’m still going. Are you going to come?” (Ooh)
“I’ll pick you up still, but… I mean,
the party’s gonna be over by the time I get over there.” (Ooh)
“Whatever. You know, it doesn’t really matter right now because (Ooh)
you are rock solid.” (Ooh, whoa)
“Rock solid?” (Ooh whoa)
“Rock solid.” (Ooh whoa)
“We’re both rock solid.” (Ooh whoa)
“That’s right.” [laughing] (Ooh whoa, ooh whoa)

(Raise your hand!)
Raise your hand if the system has missed you
Your money ain’t going as far as it used to
(Raise your hand!)
Raise your hand if the system has missed you
Your money ain’t going as far as it used to

(Your money ain’t going…) Raise your hand if the system has missed you
(As far as it used to) Your money ain’t going as far as it used to
(Your money ain’t going…) Raise your hand if the system has missed you
(As far as it used to) Your money ain’t going as far as it used to

And if… (and if…)
You…persist (persist)
Oh, well (Oh, well)
I might…just have to live with it.



Hi 😀

Artwork by the amazing Huilin Dai.

You can buy her work here:


Dutch Criminal Records – Change Of Heart 00:00
Jane’s Party – Cigarette Buzz 04:03
Super Cassette – Sober 07:15
Black Pulp – Cry Again 11:05
Moss – Pale Seas 14:24
Young Mister – Anybody Out There 17:44
Polar States – Elizabeth 21:22
Weekend Wars – Swim 25:07
Shanghai Blues – Night Tears 28:29
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THOUGHTFUL II [ Ambient Chillwave Mix ]

Lost in sound…


0:00 Daughter – Medicine (LuQuS Remix)

4:09 Jellis – Far Away

9:40 Aljosha Konstanty – Fluctuant

12:54 Blut Own – Solaris

18:22 Wiljan – Overcast

22:23 Kazukii – Moving On

25:33 Lights & Motion – Hollowed Heart

29:56 ENGVALL – Earth

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