Indie/Rock/Alternative Compilation – Summer 2015 (1-Hour Playlist)

Listen to an hour of summer songs from some of the best underrated indie-rock bands. Tracklist below…

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0:00 The Outdoor Type — ‘When The Sun Goes Down’

3:08 The Vanilla — ‘The Sun’s Tide’
6:37 The Curious Incident — ‘Money’

9:40 Francis Moon — ‘Dreams’

13:23 Candids — ‘Sun’

17:23 TabloidTV — ‘Let’s Dance’

20:24 Ash Gale – ‘All That We Are’

24:10 Jet Horns — ‘Echo’

28:01 Ginger Tom — ‘Wake Up’

31:32 Botanica Chango — ‘Eye Contact’

35:01 Divine Paiste — ‘BOREAL’

38:51 Idle Frets — ‘Aftershow’

42:31 Actor — ‘Feline’

46:00 Holy Bouncer — ‘The Mysteries of a Curly Jungle’

48:51 Teenage Manager — ‘Lift Me Up’

51:46 Jhester– ‘Striving Together’

55:26 Nervous Germans — ‘Superstars (and Superheroes)’

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