Electric Feels. Indie Rock + Indie Dance Party. ⚡️

This is Electric Feels. ⚡️ Based in LA. Coming to a city near you.

Electric Feels is an experiential party that plays both Indie Rock and Indie Dance music. We promote the music we play and an emphasis on the experience you have while listening to it.

We work hard to make this as unique, inclusive and fun as possible for everyone that attends with our stage production, live elements, special guests & more.

It’s not about who’s on stage. It’s about what you feel and who you’re with in the crowd. It’s made from the moments we get lost in. Bring a friend or make one here and just let loose. We’re excited to join you. ⚡️


Sifar – Sapney (Acoustic Version) | Hindi Indie Rock

Bunch of us got together for a quick acoustic rendition of our song “Sapney”. Download this song: https://sifar.bandcamp.com/track/sapney-acoustic

Duniya mein tum the aaye
Apne sapney sajaye
Dil mein the kayi armaan jaage

Tune socha ye na tha
Tera to sara jahan tha
Fir kyun in sapno se bhaage

Hain vahin tu aaj fir
Adhure saare hein

Sapney tere, armaan vo baaki hain
Apney tere na koi saathi hain yahan

Apni aur kuchh parayi
Jhoothi kismet hai paayi
Rangon ke rang saare ek

Tune socha ye na tha
Tera to sara jahan tha
Fir kyun in rangon se bhaage

Hain vahin tu aaj fir
Adhure saare hein

Sapney tere, armaan vo baaki hain
Apney tere na koi saathi hain yahan

Written and composed by Amit Yadav

Amit Yadav: Vocals, Guitars
Akshay Agarwal: Vocals, Guitars
Smit Hajare: Bass

Check out more music from Sifar: http://sifar.in

Sifar is a hindi rock band currently based in Mumbai, India. For the fans of hindi rock, hindi rock bands, junoon, atif aslam, jal, t series, strings band, euphoria band, pakistani rock, pakistani bands, indian rock, indie rock, indian rock bands, pakistani songs, parikrama, indie pop, indieair, folk music.


Sekumpulan Orang Gila – HENTIKAN (live @ Indie Rock 19)

iTunes : https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/dermaga/1436505398

Sekumpulan Orang Gila performing ‘HENTIKAN’ live at Indie Rock 19, Black Box Kuala Lumpur.

Music by Nazrin
Lyric by Riko Agus

for more info and updates, check us out at :-




Top 10 Indie Rock Guitar Riffs

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These are ten of the coolest Indie Rock guitar riffs in my opinion without any special order.

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Top 11 Indie Rock – Indie Pop Songs (Playlist)

I can’t upload new playlist cause copyright issues… Here is my new lists:

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/kaanitt

Best 11 indie rock – indie pop compilation.

Tracklist :

The National – This Is The Last Time
The Neighbourhood – Say My Name
In The Valley Below – Peaches
Damien Jurado – Sheets
Blue Foundation – Bonfires
Wye Oak – Civilian
Arctic Monkeys – I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor
Imagine Dragons – Demons
Alex Turner- Piledriver Waltz
Iron & Wine – Upward Over The Mountain
Starfucker – Isabella Of Castille


Indie Rock En Español Mix

Indie Rock En Español! Indie Pop En Español!

0:00 Enjambre – Dulce Soledad
3:30 Technicolors Fabrics – Todo
6:15 Los Bunkers – Bailando Solo
10:00 60 Tigres – Modelos Sin Personalidad
12:30 Los Abuelos De La Nada – Mil horas
15:05 La Gusana Ciega – Yes Sir I Can Boogie
17:35 Porter – Espiral
20:40 Hello Seahorse! – La Flotadera
24:45 Rey Pila – 114
28:05 Zoé – Love
30:15 Los Dynamite – No Me Sueltes
32:45 Americania – Indecente
35:45 Los Bunkers – Llueve Sobre La Ciudad
38:20 León Larregui – Como Tú
41:25 Telesis – Hojas De Otoño
43:55 Los Colores – No Llegas Tarde
46:35 Liquits – Desde Que
49:05 Azul Antena – Aunque Tu No Estes
51:20 Los Daniels – Quisiera Saber
54:15 Enjambre – Mania Cardiaca
58:10 León Larregui – Brillas
1:00:55 Porter – Vaquero Galactico
1:02:55 Zoé – Energia
1:05:30 Los Daniels – Lagrimas
1:08:40 Hello Seahorse! – Beastia
1:11:20 Zoé – Luna
1:15:25 Technicolors Fabrics – Nunca Nada
1:18:40 Siddhartha – Naufrago
1:22:35 Enjambre – Visitas
1:25:45 La Vida Boheme – Radio Capital
1:28:45 Bengala – Carel
1:32:55 Hello Seahorse! – No Es Que No Te Queria
1:36:30 Juan Son – Toma Esta Meta
1:39:30 Kinky – Coqueta
1:42:10 60 Tigres – Picosos
1:43:55 Los Daniels – Te Puedes Matar
1:45:40 Le Baron – Velocidad M
1:48:10 Los Bunkers – Ven Aki
1:51:40 Los Concorde – Rompecabezas
1:55:10 Fobia – Hoy Tengo Miedo
1:59:25 Liquits – Tu Sonrisa
2:02:10 Valentín Y Los Volcanes – Peqeña Napoleon
2:05:05 Americania – Estoy Afuera, Sal
2:08:10 Los Mesoneros – Indeleble
2:12:00 Zoé – Poli
2:14:55 Quiero Club – Minutos De Aire
2:19:00 Plastilina Mosh – Peligroso Pop