Future Garage,Chillstep, DnB,Chillwave Mix (106) 2015

Trip On This 106

hello there. this is my last mix for this year. thank you to all the listeners. thanks to all subscribers.
thanks for your comments and for your likes. I hope we hear in the next commit year.
Trip On This 106 is a crazy mix 😉
chillstep,future garage,chillwave,chilltrap,atmospheric,dnb,bass,dubstep,triphop…
I wish you all the very best!
….. see you soon 【ツ】


00:00:00 TBFM – Blindness
00:02:27 CMRN – Follow Me
00:05:42 Arpyem ft. Jessica Main – A Place For Me (Labisch Remix)
00:08:34 Antony G – Endless
00:16:06 Trifonic – Lies (Chaotix remix)
00:19:04 SheWont – Earth Radio
00:21:49 Caduceus – We Never Should’ve Met
00:24:30 capt. pizza – u & me w/ canon danzer
00:26:46 Contact – Somewhere (Koa Remix)
00:32:05 Blackbird & 4lienetic – Mistakes (koh Remix)
00:35:26 Disharmonizer – Microlife (Chaotix Remix)
00:38:25 Egodeth – Night
00:41:50 Gnothi Seauton – Can’t Stop What Is Coming (ft. CoMa)
00:46:24 Hollywood Principle – Seeing What’s Next (Koa Remix)
00:50:20 Albert K – In the Cold
00:54:25 Taras Bazeev – Underwater
00:58:45 Krot & Nelver – Greenland (nCamargo remix)
01:04:46 Incognito – Lost [feat. Viv May]
01:10:20 Queensway – Be The Love
01:15:30 Maxickanec – By your side

All credits of tracks and arts by side artists goes to the authors of those tracks and arts. Fair use (non-commercial), with the purpose of support only.


Retrospective Audio Mixtape [80s Retro Electro / ChillWave / Synth Pop / SynthWave]


00:00 Moonrunner83 – Troubled Eyes
03:25 NINA – Beyond Memory
06:53 GlitterWølf – Alana
11:20 Nina – Counting Stars (Douglas Holmquist Remix)
16:09 Brothertiger – Beyond the Infinite
21:04 HUMAN – Vertigo
24:30 The Midnight – Shadows
29:39 Moonrunner83 – A Kiss In The Night
33:01 Moonrunner83 – Chasing Gemma
36:28 Moonrunner83 – By Your Side
40:20 AWITW – I Miss U
45:37 Droid Bishop – When Androids Dream
49:52 Castroe – Welcome Home
54:20 Waterfront dining – The song

Synthwave / 80s Retro Electro / Synthpop/Chillwave/Vaporwave/Darkwave

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The motives of the retro wave can be different and completely opposite, but they are united by one thing – the specific sound of synthesizers, which can not be confused with anything.

Combining elements of modern electronics with the characteristic sound of soundtracks of that period our brain catching familiar sounds and is able to recreate in our heads vague memories and return us at a certain time.

The power of electronic music its drive, you can even say – power. You want to dance, you want to go through it in time, into the shining neon lamps of Miami, put on a shirt with short sleeves decorated with palm trees, classic blue jeans with white sneakers and go roam quays or crowded avenues.

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cameragrammar – netflix n chillwave

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Courage the cowardly dog – The mask ( Best Day Ever) Chillwave

Cartoon: Courage the cowardly dog
Song: Mac Miller – Best Day Ever (Instrumental): https://soundcloud.com/colin47/mac-miller-best-day-ever-instrumental
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Courage the cowardly dog – The mask ( Best day ever) Chillwave
Lofi hiphop


Maxim Lein – Chill | ChillWave | SynthPop | SynthWave

00:00 Haux – Cologne (Original Mix)
04:08 Meeka Kates – Weight (Original Mix)
07:08 Yellowbirddd – Palm Tree in the Dark
10:43 Stilz – Reaction (feat. Megan McDuffee)
14:20 Laura Brehm – Parallel (Ephixa Remix)
18:02 Kraak & Smaak – Stumble (feat. Parcels) (Blue Motel Remix)
23:13 Slicarus – After School (feat. ill-Esha)
27:58 Timecop1983 – Girl (feat. SEAWAVES)
32:42 IVERSEN – M Y c u r s e
37:45 Traxx – In the End
42:17 Crockett – Off The Grid
47:07 Saffari – Strange Kind of Feeling
50:41 George Ergemlidze – In My Sleep (Karate Kid Mix)
54:00 Timecop1983 – Journeys
59:06 Zuri & Laladee – Illusions (Muttonheads Remix)
Download mp3 | http://promodj.com/maximlein/promos/6427151/Maxim_Lein_Chill_ChillWave_SynthPop_SynthWave
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#music #relaxmusic #summermusic #mix2017 #beautifulsound
#synth #newwave #chillout


SYNTHWAVE ► Chill Mix (dreamwave, chillwave, synthwave)

Hi guys ! This is my Chillwave mix, featuring some of the best synthwave and dreamwave tracks. Enjoy !
Stay rad and subscribe !


0:00 Robert Parker – 85 again (feat. Miss K) – VHS Glitch Remix
3:35 HOME – Dusk
07:11 Medsound – Sea of Life
12:29 Worship – Horizon (Mitch Murder remix)
16:15 Traxx – Behind Us
20:38 Soviet – Ghosts (Silent Gloves remix)
25:32 FM Attack – Dreamer
31:41 Gunship – Tech Noir
35:49 Mitch Murder – Breaking Waves
39:59 Oceanside85 – Nightlife (The Encounter Remix)
45:02 Lucy In Disguise – Deep Nothing
48:55 FM Attack – Fade Away (feat. Julian Sanza)
54:46 Kbit – Ocean Breeze
59:09 Stellar Dreams – Valkyrie
1:02:35 VHS Glitch – In Love With A VHS

ARTWORK : Beeple


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How to make CHILLWAVE



Album coming soon with all these stupid songs.

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Music sources
MIDI at the beginning = Future Islands MIDI
I Wanna Get High With You by FrankJavCee
Ending theme = Chillwave Nyan Cat by


Vaporwave / Chillwave – Ultimate Mix

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Vaporwave / Chillwave – Ultimate Mix.

EGT Media – Ivan Lenev.

Song List:

00:00 Home – Resonance
03:30 Macintosh Plus – 420
10:52 Lazerhawk – Star Hustler
15:52 Vector Graphics – DESTINE
20:44 18 Carat Affair – Modus Operandi
22:59 Cyberlust – Rome
24:41 Home – On The Way Out
28:42 ID Chief – Honey
31:37 Kodak Cameo – Mirage
33:00 MAITRO – Snake Way
36:07 Prism Lite – With You
39:09 Kodak Cameo – Oceaan
42:27 Saint Pepsi – Better
46:21 Whitewoods – Beach Walk
48:34 ローマンRoman – シドニーSYDNEY
50:41 Saint Pepsi – Cherry Pepsi
53:49 Lazerhawk – Distress Signal