Silence 清醒 – Rêve Lucide (FULL CHILLWAVE ALBUM)

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➤ Channel description: Rare music uploads and cool playlists! Music inspired by the 80’s itself. The revivification of the decade. LuigiDonatello features the best there is in that area. Promoting and referring, creating one big compilation, with a personal touch!

If you’ve heard of ‘FAR CRY 3: BLOOD DRAGON’, the movie ‘DRIVE’, the ‘KUNG FURY’ movie, Stranger Things or ‘HOTLINE MIAMI’, then this is your place!

This video blog has a strong basis in the Synthwave/retrowave community. Music on here is either submitted or free to download.
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➤ Genres: Synthwave / Synthpop, Electropop, Futuresynth / Spacesynth / Horrorsynth, Chillwave, Dreamwave, Vaporwave, Outrun, Italodisco / Italo Disco, French Touch, Simpsonwave, Electronic, Trance


Witch House / Chillwave / Wave / Dream Wave MIX

witch house / chillwave / wave / dream wave / cloud trap / electronic / dream rave / witch wave / dream step / downtempo / chillstep / chillout / chill witch mix

01 Lidity – Vanished
02 Unreality – Fading Strangers
03 Sidewalks and Skeletons – GOTH
04 △Sco△ – Futuere
05 Ev3nmorn-White Cake
06 Radost Moya – Sunrise
07 Навьи Чары – Омут
08 White Ring – Eternia
09 LOΛΣΓS – Fvtigue
10 Clams Casino – I’m God
11 Pastel Ghost – Clouds
12 Salem – Frost
13 Grimes – Grisis
14 Purity Ring – Amenamy
15 Crystal Castles – Child I Will Hurt You


Chillwave & Liquid Drum & Bass – H.H.C Mixes [Vol. #12]

✈ Thumbs up for epic spinning vinyl in this upload haha, first time ever mixing chill wave so bare with me if the beat-matching is shite. Had to upload some Liquid DnB this week as the genre is begging for a comeback over the dubstep reign.

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Lykke Li – Little Bit (AutoErotique Bootleg Remix)
Neon Indian – Polish Girl
Darius – Maliblue
Different Sleep – Turbulence
Vondelpark – Hipbone 13:15

Mt Eden DnB – Faded 13:15 – 16:00
Jesper Kyd – Ezio’s Family (Logam & TL Remix) 16:00
Plan B – The Recluse (Netsky Remix)
Fenech Soler – Demons (Trippcore Remix)
Bustre (ft. Myth) – Land Of The Unknown

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Just a Memory – A Chillwave and Melodic Bass Mix



00:00 Odesza – Intro
01:03 Odesza – A Moment Apart
04:52 Droeloe – Just Now (2017)
06:26 cln – Breathe (DEVOTED Remix)
10:08 Parra for Cuva – On a Life feat. Bijou
12:58 Rome in Silver – Yoko
14:39 Alina Baraz – Electric feat. Khalid (Electric Mantis Remix)
18:05 Phazz – About Her
19:42 Odesza – Just a Memory feat. Regina Spektor
23:11 Golden Features – Wolfie feat. Julia Stone
26:25 Hitmane – Over U (Chet Porter Remix) x Gill Chang – Hearts feat. Aviella
31:14 ILIVEHERE – Won’t Let Go feat. Kalulu
34:23 Droeloe – In Time feat. Belle Doron
37:49 Giraffage – Maybes feat. Japanese Breakfast
41:26 Illenium – Leaving feat. EDEN
45:00 Dabin – Helium feat. Lexi Norton
47:20 Sem – Reasons
50:35 Droeloe – Lilypads

Buy her shit it’s amazing


Future Garage,Chillstep, DnB,Chillwave Mix (106) 2015

Trip On This 106

hello there. this is my last mix for this year. thank you to all the listeners. thanks to all subscribers.
thanks for your comments and for your likes. I hope we hear in the next commit year.
Trip On This 106 is a crazy mix 😉
chillstep,future garage,chillwave,chilltrap,atmospheric,dnb,bass,dubstep,triphop…
I wish you all the very best!
….. see you soon 【ツ】


00:00:00 TBFM – Blindness
00:02:27 CMRN – Follow Me
00:05:42 Arpyem ft. Jessica Main – A Place For Me (Labisch Remix)
00:08:34 Antony G – Endless
00:16:06 Trifonic – Lies (Chaotix remix)
00:19:04 SheWont – Earth Radio
00:21:49 Caduceus – We Never Should’ve Met
00:24:30 capt. pizza – u & me w/ canon danzer
00:26:46 Contact – Somewhere (Koa Remix)
00:32:05 Blackbird & 4lienetic – Mistakes (koh Remix)
00:35:26 Disharmonizer – Microlife (Chaotix Remix)
00:38:25 Egodeth – Night
00:41:50 Gnothi Seauton – Can’t Stop What Is Coming (ft. CoMa)
00:46:24 Hollywood Principle – Seeing What’s Next (Koa Remix)
00:50:20 Albert K – In the Cold
00:54:25 Taras Bazeev – Underwater
00:58:45 Krot & Nelver – Greenland (nCamargo remix)
01:04:46 Incognito – Lost [feat. Viv May]
01:10:20 Queensway – Be The Love
01:15:30 Maxickanec – By your side

All credits of tracks and arts by side artists goes to the authors of those tracks and arts. Fair use (non-commercial), with the purpose of support only.


Retrospective Audio Mixtape [80s Retro Electro / ChillWave / Synth Pop / SynthWave]


00:00 Moonrunner83 – Troubled Eyes
03:25 NINA – Beyond Memory
06:53 GlitterWølf – Alana
11:20 Nina – Counting Stars (Douglas Holmquist Remix)
16:09 Brothertiger – Beyond the Infinite
21:04 HUMAN – Vertigo
24:30 The Midnight – Shadows
29:39 Moonrunner83 – A Kiss In The Night
33:01 Moonrunner83 – Chasing Gemma
36:28 Moonrunner83 – By Your Side
40:20 AWITW – I Miss U
45:37 Droid Bishop – When Androids Dream
49:52 Castroe – Welcome Home
54:20 Waterfront dining – The song

Synthwave / 80s Retro Electro / Synthpop/Chillwave/Vaporwave/Darkwave

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➤ We bring to your attention music in the style of Synth and 80s style retro electro which is a relatively new musical direction, each track of which is a tribute to the pop culture of the 80s and the consciousness of that time.

The motives of the retro wave can be different and completely opposite, but they are united by one thing – the specific sound of synthesizers, which can not be confused with anything.

Combining elements of modern electronics with the characteristic sound of soundtracks of that period our brain catching familiar sounds and is able to recreate in our heads vague memories and return us at a certain time.

The power of electronic music its drive, you can even say – power. You want to dance, you want to go through it in time, into the shining neon lamps of Miami, put on a shirt with short sleeves decorated with palm trees, classic blue jeans with white sneakers and go roam quays or crowded avenues.

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➤ Genres: Synthwave / Synthpop, 80s Retro Electro / Electropop, Futuresynth / Spacesynth / Horrorsynth, Darkwave, Chillwave, Dreamwave, Vaporwave, Outrun.